Experience possibilities in the real world

To create a fundamental, comprehensive, and lasting impact, the Global Financial Leaders program lead the participants through the following 3 steps

I. Internship Thought Provoking

During this stage, participants are encouraged to listen to our mentors and complete projects on the “mentors” page in the interested areas:

  • 1. Investment

    Complete the reading list. Set up simulation account at investorpedia.com. Upload your 3-5 minutes video expressing your interest and passion in investment and present your learning highlights.

  • 2. Financial management

    complete the reading list. Complete the project on researching a group of companies and analyzing their key ratios and completing their integrated reporting. Upload your 3-5 minutes video expressing your interest and passion in financial management and present your project findings highlights.

  • 3. Entrepreneurship:

    Complete the reading list. Be familiar with the business model and unique values todays best enterprise create. Upload your 3-5 minutes video expressing a problem you are passionate about in solving.

II. Internship Summit (by invitation only)

With the mentors’ invitation, qualified students apply for the life time opportunity of the Internship Summit where students and their mentors meet face to face for life changing trainings, interactive conversations, and hands on practice and coaching. The Internship Summit includes:

  • 1. The world’s most impactful personal development and leadership forum.

  • 2. Investment skills training and simulation.

  • 3. Silicon Valley technology start up project from conception to road show.

  • 4. Profession networking: participants will meet professionals and mentors and have the opportunities to have in-depth conversations about their career interest and explore what is possible for them. Participants start to develop a long term mentoring and potential future internship and work relationship.

  • Next summit:

    Dates: August 5, 2015 - August 19, 2015

  • Total opennings:

    50 students

  • Location:


III. Extraordinary Career

Return from the Internship Summit, the participant has developed a future that inspires him or her, and is on the fast track to the most exciting global internship and career opportunities around the world such as:

  • AT&T Financial and Leadership Development Program

    Blackstone Group

    Credit Suisse

    Deutsche Bank

    Goldman Sachs

    J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank


    Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

    UBS Investment Bank

    PriceWaterhouse Coopers

    Ernst and Young


    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

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