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    Global Financial Leaders
    Leading financial internship training
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    Global Financial Leaders
    Discover for yourself in the leading organizations

Program Promises


Leaving the program, you would have been exposed with the possibilities of your future and created a vision of your career as your passion to contribute to the world with your unique talents and interests.


You would have created a clear pathway of fulfilling your future. You understand what talent and skills it takes, and you have a step by step road map to get there and you are unstoppable through the up and downs.


You would have mastered the skills of being a strategic, critical and independent thinker, and skills of being an powerful leader inspiring others in working together for fulfilling your shared vision.

Global Financial Leaders

Global Financial Leaders Summit is a world's leading Financial Internship Training program in partnership with top Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Christine Comaford, Hedge Fund Traders, Financial Planners, CPAs and other outstanding professionals for students to experience unique practical growth in the real financial world.

Program Intentions

  • Bridging the Gap between Education and Real Life Needs

  • Discovering the Real Possibilities In the World of Finance

  • Developing Extraordinary Careers in Accounting and Finance

  • Creating Millions of Dollars of Values for Families, Businesses, and Communities

The Future We Stand For & Partnerships

    We stand for a future where students are mentored, inspired, and empowered by educators and professionals to create wealth and opportunities for their community; professionals are fulfilled and rewarded for contributing to the young generation; for professionals, it becomes part of their life to mentor the young generation; the culture of education and work has shifted; the line between schools and work place are blurred. all schools require internship and give credits for internships; a new generation of leaders has the dedication and skills to create wealth for everyone and create a world that works for everyone.

Our Unique Approach


You tell me, I forget. You point to me: “Look.” I look and I discovered something for myself. That which i discovered belongs to me, forever. I learned to look and discover for myself in my lifetime.


Keep asking the questions; keeping discovering the assumptions and boxes we are in; being in the inquiry. It is not about finding the right answer. It is not about right and wrong. It is about deepening the intellectual touch for reality.


emerse yourself in real life people, space, time, and projects. I learned, I forget. I have been there and done it. I have the confidence to build upon what I have done.

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