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Jinhong Zhang

  • Founder and President, Bright Future Capital, providing innovative financial solutions to families and businesses that save tax and grow investment with stability.

  • Principal, Hill Morgan and Associates CPAs, providing auditing services for mid size organizations.

  • Jinhong’s Growing Story

  • Learned accounting on the job at an early age after an Associate Degree.

  • Blessed with great supervisors and mentors.

  • They put him in the field, have him take in charge and watch him mess up and take responsibility to clean up.

  • Grow in the corporate world, became a Consultant and Entrepreneur.

  • Started as an accountant for a world top engineering firm and worked as a financial manager on projects financed by World Bank and Asia Development Bank. Worked with PWC and KPMG on auditing and tax projects.

  • Graduated from University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting.

  • Committed to complementing the traditional knowledge based classroom instruction with a “Big Picture", "Value Creation Process” approach practical training; enabling graduates to be “employable” in real life and set a foundation for extraordinary careers that create value and contribute to families, businesses and organizations.

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